6 Types Of Women You Don't Want As A Bride
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6 Types Of Women You Don't Want As A Bride

Looking for a bride to be is never easy. There are factors to consider aside from the love you feel for someone. So, before you choose the bride you don't deserve to marry check the tips here and find the types of bride that most man don't want to marry.

For most guys, finding the right girl is extremely hard. With all the break ups and make ups. With all those gloomy nights where you cried yourself out for losing such a great catch. (Yes, guys do cry but generally most of us wouldn’t want you to see it.)

Beautiful girl, great attitude, sexy and hot body and an amazing smile to boot. Unfortunately, you had to do something very awful that she had to ditch you for another guy. A guy she believes more worthy of you time. If finding the right perfect girl for you is already an excruciating ordeal, what more when it comes to choosing somebody you would be forever and ever attached to your entire life. Thankfully, we are gracious enough to offer you life saving tips for you to avoid getting together with the wrong gal and going down divorce lane sooner or later through your marriage.

  • Get away from Gold Diggers. There are no good bunches of girls who are only after your money. Deceiving you with their false smiles, saying “Oh, thank you for this beautiful blouse you have generously bought me.” But in reality she’s probably saying this “Idiot thinks that I’ll settle for non branded clothes. What does he think of me? That cheap to tolerate clothes with no touch of Abercrombie & Fitch and Kardashian Kollection? I need to please him more. I need to squeeze the juice out of this cash cow. Money, money and more money!” They are greedy diabolical damsels who would do anything just to get hold of your bank account.
  • Beware of the Noxious Nagger. She’s the kind of woman who would endlessly banter you with her thoughts. She’s not afraid to voice out what she likes and does not like. She’s a loud speaker who will constantly annoy you. She does not seem to see the good things you’ve been doing to her. She likes to compare. This is a pretty dress, however that one is prettier. What does it take to keep her mouth shut? Nothing. The more you take an effort to please her, the harder it gets.
  • Steer clear of the Bossy Babe. As Finn from GLEE, humorously puts it, she’s a “controllist.” She’s going to tell you that you should do this and you should do that. She will be very aggressive when making decisions. If ever you’d get married with this one, then be ready to submit yourself torture. She’ll act like a Queen and you his servant. She will be bossing you around telling you to find a new set of friends, get a better paid job and don’t be a lazy bum anymore.
  • Don’t fall for the Fatal Feminist. This one thinks that all guys are second rate trying hard monkeys. This kind of woman probably went into a relationship with one hell of an uncaring guy and thanks to that bastard; she’s seeing men in a whole new different perspective. She doesn’t take a guy’s kindness kindly. She insists on paying for herself. Climbing the staircase in her long gown one her own when clearly she’s in dire need of help. It’s sad but she’s a girl who never tasted the charm of chivalry. (Wait till she meets me.)
  • Keep yourself at bay from the Pessimistic Pricks. They’re going to tag you along in their drive to misery lane. They will keep babbling how the world is cruel for not conspiring with her wishes. That life is so unfair for her. She will crave for your attention, too much of it. Every mistake, she thinks her life is completely doomed. Sooner or later, you will definitely run out of comforting words to tell her.
  • Don’t tie the knot with a Crazy Chic. Paranoid to the highest power. She’s like a detective, always asking questions. Interrogating you on every move you make. Where were you last night? Who did you go out with? What were you up to? Were you really with your friends? She’s on watch 24/7. Even though you did not cheat on her, she thinks you would. She’s that crazy. It’s probably because she’s insecure of herself that she sees every woman you talk to is a threat to your relationship.

It’s quite hard to find a girlfriend nowadays. But it’s harder to find a decent bride. There are a lot of women out there who are available. Go out and give yourself a treat and mingle. Remember the tips but most of all remember to respect these ladies no matter how eccentric they may be. Because at the end of the day, they all have one thing in common, they deserve to be loved. They’re just waiting for the right guy to come. And maybe just maybe you’ll be able to change them. Not because you asked them to but because they choose to change for you.

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