Help: Marriage and Its Sanctity
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Help: Marriage and Its Sanctity

Is it just a piece of paper? Is it just good for lowering your taxes and insurance rates? Is marriage sacred anymnore?

Couples always seem to have problems in their relationship from communication issues to pet peeves and even personality changes. When couples get married too young most marriages fail. Statistically there is less than a 50% chance of your marriage working out. Why is this? Mostly its because the couple is not ready to be married and rushed into it before they were ready. The fact is that marriage is not easy no matter how old and wise you are. Marriage is work for both parties. House cleaning, paying bills, raising kids, and so much more is involved to take care of a family let alone just a spouse.

So many people try marriage counseling. Does this work? The bottom line is this; if both parties want to make the marriage work then it will work. For those who want to do the work a marriage counselor is perfect to act as a third party who is neutral and listens. Most often one party speaks and the other just doesn’t compute what is being said by his or her spouse because they are his or her spouse. But when a third party repeats the same thing that was said it suddenly computes. It is strange how the human brain works.

Marriage is sacred. If you aren’t ready to get married then don’t. If you want things to work but the other party doesn’t then face the facts and move on. People deserve to be happy. Some people want control over their exes even after the relationship is long over and plays it out. This makes things worse. Get counseling or move on.

What is my experience? I was married while still in high school and split up with my first wife less than a year later. We were way too young and there was nothing I could do to save the marriage. I tried. She just wanted me around for her convenience and a source of income but not for companionship. I learned the hard way the first time around.

How do I know what works if my first marriage failed? I am happily married now with my second wife for more than six years. It is work but we both want it to work so it’s not hard between us. I hope things can change over time and statistics will change. Marriage is far too sacred. It shouldn’t be considered just a piece of paper.

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Article by Kevin C Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”

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