How to Communicate with a Lying Spouse
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How to Communicate with a Lying Spouse

Many times, lying negatively impacts your relationship and even your marriage. It can make you angry and hurt, since there is not open or honest communication with your partner or your spouse anymore.

Many times, lying negatively impacts your relationship and even your marriage. It can make you angry and hurt, since there is not open or honest communication with your partner or your spouse anymore. Are you one of the millions of people who are searching for some way to forgive your spouse or partner for lying to you and just can't find it? Then read here and hopefully, you may be able to improve your communication as well as find it in your heart to forgive them.

In order for this to work, you are going to have to get rid of all distractions. This includes turning of the television, your cell phone, the home phone, pagers, radios, and all other sources of distractions. You and your spouse need to sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil for each of you. Take the time to write down three different questions that you want to ask your spouse. Do not let your spouse see what you are writing.

Take the time now to explain to your spouse how you really feel. You can do this by initiating a friendly conversation or however you feel like doing it. Both of you must be honest and listen to your spouse fully. Now it is time to bring up some of the lies that you have been told ans wait patiently for the answer as to why they were told to you. Try to get an answer as to what motivated the lie as well as the undesirable behavior from your spouse.

Try your best to improve your listening skills. Relax and do not let the angry emotions take over. Try to hear what it is your spouse is saying to you. Lower your expectations and try to see through your spouse imperfections. Now would be a great time to remind yourself that you got married for better or for worse. Take the time to draw the truth out of your spouse. Always use patient tones and try your best to have a forgiving heart. Let your spouse know that you love them regardless of what is going on.

Try seeking the help of someone else, like another married couple. Let the other couple know that you are having trouble in your marriage and that you would like to get some advice from them. Invite them over for dinner and spend the evening talking. You must make sure that you are very comfortable with this couple so the lines of communication can be very open. Keep reminding your spouse throughout the entire dinner that you love them, are here from them and will listen to anything they have to say.

Lying is something that can really take its toll on a marriage. When it comes to trying to work things out, you must be as honest as possible. Communication can be one of the only keys to fixing your relationship after dealing with a dishonest spouse. As mentioned earlier, always try your best to listen, be open, honest, and remind your spouse that you love them.

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