Is Money Important in a Marriage?
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Is Money Important in a Marriage?

Money is very important in a marriage because this will determine the success of the relationship. Without money, couples and children are affected.

Although money is not everything in a relationship, money could make or unmake a relationship. Money is very important to people especially to couples. Many relationships have failed and died a natural death because of money. Although we hate to admit it, money is often times the root of all the problems in a relationship.

When the family’s financial status becomes unstable, the relationship of couples are affected. What is worse, the kids often are the worst affected especially when they are still going to school. If money is the problem, kids are sometimes transferred to cheaper schools.  The other needs are controlled and sometimes the quantity and quality of food is reduced.  Extra-expenses are cut off and only the necessities are provided.

Many relationships have gone sour because of money. Couples must both have good sources of income to provide for the family’s needs. If one is earning more than the other, what usually happens is there is a conflict between the couples. This means that money is very important in a relationship, whether it is for spending or it is the principle behind it.  Some couples fight because one of them does not know how to save money.

How important money is to a relationship depends on many factors:

The need of the family

At the start, couples do not have children. There are no additional mouths to feed and they can live a lifestyle that they choose to have. When kids come, changes follow. There is no problem at all if the couple is earning that much to provide well for the kids but in some situations, the couple maybe earning just enough which make life with children hard to cope with. Sometimes, the problems start from here when additional expenses are needed for the children.

The lifestyle of the family

The importance of money in a relationship sometimes depends on what lifestyle the couple or family chooses to have. Simple people often have happy relationships even with just enough money to spend. Those who aim for a more luxurious lifestyle often end up being unhappy because they choose a life that they sometimes cannot afford. If there is no more money to spend, relationships often get into trouble. This is where relationships sometimes end.

The kind of job the couple has

Of course, those who earn more could afford to have a more comfortable life than those who earn less. Problems come when the couples could not provide for the family’s needs. If there is financial problem in the family, situations change. 

Money is very important in a relationship. There are lots of things that money could provide to the couples which could make the relationship better. Sometimes money could even buy happiness and joy in a relationship.  The things that you buy for your love ones and the material things that you provide for them are responsible for making the relationship in a family happier.  Many people think that they can be happy even without money but the truth is if you are hungry you cannot anymore say that. 

Money may not be everything that could make a relationship work but it helps if couples have money to spend and enjoy life together.  It is not the exact money that provides happines in a relationship but it is one of the useful tools that can make a relationship more harmonious thus happier too.

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Comments (3)

Very good points, you don't have to be rich but you have to have enough money.

Yes, I have personally experienced how finances affect marriage and family life. Voted up.

Yes, its very good if both people are practical with money. A marriage is in for a disaster if one, or both, have no clue how to save money and are living beyond their means.