Preparing for Marriage, What Should Be Done First ?
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Preparing for Marriage, What Should Be Done First ?

Parties to the marriage who propose to get married should be fit mentally and physically.If they are above the age of 18, they are fit to get married.The parties who fulfill the requisite qualification for marriage should obtain a marriage license in the appropriate office.Once the valid marriage license is issued, the parties to the marriage can solemnize it within the time stipulated in the marriage license.
                        Preparing for Marriage, What should be done first?

Marriage is a solemn bond created between the parties to the marriage, if they are a male and a female and if it is a traditional marriage. Regardless of the society they are living in marriage creates a new plane of life, assigning new roles and responsibilities to the concerned parties to the marriage hitherto they have not experienced and come across.

Marriage also connotes that the parties to the marriage have come of age and they have attained mental and physical maturity.

Therefore, while preparing for the marriage, the boy and the girl proposing to get married should first of all ascertain weather they had completed the age of 18 years. Otherwise, they are not qualified to get married.

The completion of 18 years of age denotes that both a boy and the girl who propose get married are physically fit. However mere physical fitness or completion of requisite age alone will not do for a successful marital life. They should also have the mental maturity. In other words they should also know the implications of the marriage.

Though the ultimate purpose of the marriage is consummation or having sex, the parties to the marriage should have some rudimentary knowledge about sex, its implications on the human body and the resultant conception and birth of the child etc.

Once the parties to the marriage feel that they are fit to get married, they should know about the existing marriage laws that are applicable to them and other residential requirements. Some state laws specifically provide that the parties to the marriage or the girl should be residing within the jurisdiction of the marriage license issuing authority.

When the parties to the marriage have decided to get married, their first step is to apply for a marriage license from the relevant office which has jurisdiction to issue a marriage license. The parties to the marriage who apply for the license in the appropriate application should have completed 18 years of age, complied with residential requirements, an undertaking to the effect that they have not married, if any one of them or both of them already married, should have a valid certificate of divorce from a court of law, besides paying the requisite fee for marriage license. If any party to the marriage is below the age of 18, they should submit permission from the court of law, besides being accompanied by their parents or a local guardian.

When the parties to the marriage is issued with a license, they may have their marriage solemnized within the time stipulated in the marriage license, say three months.


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