Pros and Cons of Relying Upon the on Line Marriage Agencies!
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Pros and Cons of Relying Upon the on Line Marriage Agencies!

Though we have a number of advantages through on line marriage agencies, still we have to deal with them rather cautiously.

Pros and Cons of relying upon the on line marriage agencies!

In your anxiety to find a suitable pair for your son or daughter, you may be tempted to engaging a number of sources and channels.When your son or daughter is employed in a foreign country and ready for marriage,your problems are compounded.Then naturally you have to hunt for a bride or bridegroom who may be willing to go abroad after getting married.By virtue of their global links and contacts,on line marriage agencies will be handy that you may utilize for seeking a suitable alliance for your son or daughter.However, there are also some specific risks in engaging the services of such on line marriage agencies since they have got their own drawbacks.Hence,while engaging their services, you should always tread rather cautiously.

Therefore, before engaging the services of an on line marriage agency, it is better to analyze its pros and cons:-


1)On line marriage agencies have a wider contacts and even global links and networks, thereby facilitating you to pick and choose according to your needs and tastes from a number of alliances registered with them.

2)On line marriage agencies besides helping you to get the details of your son or daughter registered in their data bank,also help you to exchange them with the prospective alliances.Besides providing the requisite details of an alliance, on line marriage agencies also provide a platform for live chatting between the prospective brides and bridegrooms, thereby enabling them to have a look at each other,come to an understanding and arrive at a final decision as quickly as possible.

3)For those people who are employed and living abroad,on line agencies are a boon to locate the exact and correct pair of their choice wherever they may be.

4) People who are searching for suitable alliance for their son or daughter but are ridden by culture,caste and communal considerations,on line marriage agencies are their mainstay.

5) On line marriage agencies are the best source of finding suitable marriage alliance for those people who cannot move due to their busy schedules,people who are physically challenged,people who are rather shy to move and talk with other people and the people who are aged and unable to move.

6) The major advantage of on line marriage agency is that you have a wider choice and selection to choose from within a short span of time.

7)Through on line marriage agencies, you have the advantage of meeting a number of people from the comfort of your home and you need not run from pillar to post searching alliances.Thereby you can avoid extensive traveling, besides saving your hard earned money on petrol and above all your precious time.

Despite the above mentioned clear-cut advantages provided by the on line marriage agencies, still they have got their own disadvantages as follows:


1)Despite providing a customer with lots of information on the prospective alliances, still on line marriage agencies do not vouchsafe the information provided by them.Almost each and every on line marriage agency issues a disclaimer on the information provided by them.Hence, while dealing with them one must proceed with caution.

2) Despite availing all the modern tools like chatting etc, still you cannot definitely come to a conclusion that the information provided by the people are 100% true.Even during chatting you have a chance of getting duped and you may not have a chance to assess his or her real personality.A person who is already married or divorced may claim that he or she is still unmarried.Similarly, there is also a chance that a person who is not employed or getting a low salary may simply bluff that he or she is employed in such and such company and getting a high salary.Above all while chatting with a person, he or she may even impersonate for the sake of getting your nod.

3) On line marriage agencies charge you heavily for the services provided by them.

Despite having the above mentioned risks, still on line marriage agencies remain the main stay for many people. Hence, in order to avoid the above mentioned risks or drawbacks, it is always advisable to cross check the information provided by them, through phone calls and personal visits. If you feel that the information provided by the site as to the employment and salary are not true, just contact the concerned company and ascertain the veracity of the information provided by them. Above all, it is always advisable to take a final decision on the suitability of an alliance, after cross checking and ascertaining the correctness of the information provided by them. Unless you are fully satisfied on the correctness of the information provided by them, it is better either to drop it or just postpone it.


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Comments (4)

interesting, I met my mate through an online dating agency and we are happy after 12 years of being together

Thank you for your interesting information and so well presented.

I agree with all your points..