Why Many Women Marry the Wrong Man
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Why Many Women Marry the Wrong Man

Many women marry the wrong man because of some factors that they cannot control.

Many intelligent women marry the wrong man and many people wonder why an intelligent woman married a man who is not at par with her. This is often the case of women who are considered on the top caliber because women use their emotions most of the time unlike men who use logic.

Women are generally emotional people. If they love they use their hearts and not their heads. If they work they work with their heart in it. The tendency is for them to often marry the wrong man because they are too busy thinking of their emotions to have time to properly gauge the man they want to marry. What often happens is that the man who can make the woman feel happy and important is the man that she chooses to marry and often times these men are the humble men who cannot reason out with their wife. In the end the relationship will not work because the woman and the man are not compatible.

A woman marries a man in her hope that someone will be at her side to be her better half and to share everything she has with him. If the woman is intelligent she does not like an intelligent man who will dictate her on what she should do with her life. She wants to marry a man who will be her companion and who would be her partner and not a dictating and domineering husband.

Many women fail to see the importance of compatibility because they always think that things will be resolved by talking and understanding their partner. A woman is made to be more understanding than a man so she tries every way she knows to make the relationship work but sometimes it is not worth it when the man refuses to cooperate or just doesn’t know what to do.

Here are reasons why many women marry the wrong man.

Critical age

A woman who is nearing forty will likely suddenly wake up one morning thinking of a child to take care. Many women think that they will not marry because they are enjoying a single life but the motherly emotions of a woman wakes her up in her dream and she finally wants to marry at the age when she cannot choose the right man to marry. When a woman is already thirty or more, the chances of her marrying the best man she wishes is already very slim. As one lady executive in her middle thirty’s said, the only possible man she could have at her age and status is a younger man, a divorced man, or a widower. This is because the best men her age are already married and have families of their own. At a critical age when the woman finally decides to marry, she cannot anymore choose the man she had wished to marry when she was younger.


Men are often aloof to women who are in a higher position than they do. This is the reason why many top caliber women often marry men who are not of their level.

Choosing too much

People often tell young women not to choose too much because they will end up marrying the wrong man. This is often true because the more you choose the worse your choice becomes. Women who are too choosy often end up marrying the wrong man because they refused the better men who would have been their partner. If they reach the age where they want to settle down, the man they wished to marry have already married another woman.

Too many suitors

Some women are confused who to choose when too many men are pursuing them. In the end the woman often chooses the least compatible with her.

It may not be true to all women but many women often marry the wrong man.

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nice points here.Sometimes, the arranged marriages lead to wrong choice